IT Outsourcing



on the organization of the activity-based management service approach. Automating IT management processes allows you to clearly describe the services provided, to distinguish between responsibility, thus increasing the transparency of business managers and owners.

As a result, service ServiceDesk becomes a single center for the provision of internal services to employees of the company, and not only implements IT tasks.

Key reasons for the transition to IT outsourcing:
Reduced maintenance costs and IT maintenance
Cost optimization in dynamic IT change
Shifting attention from the issues of IT management to core business issues
Release of internal resources by transferring non-core processes to outsourcing
The decision of the selection of objectives, motivation and training of its own IT staff
Addressing IT service with no IT staff while on vacation, sick, training
Implementation of IT infrastructure support after hours
Risk Coverage - application of penalties in case of non-SLA
Management loyal contractors

Managing the network infrastructure and unified communications systems
Server Infrastructure Management
Microsoft Infrastructure Management
Support affiliates
Infrastructure Management printing and copying equipment
Contact Center and ServiceDesk as a service

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